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Before it became the powerhouse it is today, David Stern Bail Bonds started out as a literal "mom and pop" shop owned and operated by David Stern and his wife, Roslyn, in North Miami Beach, Florida in the 1970s.  When the Broward County Jail began construction of a new detention facility adjacent to the Main Courthouse in downtown Fort Lauderdale in 1985, Mr. Stern decided his bail bond business also needed a new home.  In a move that would one day make him the envy of bail bondsmen everywhere, he took occupancy of an unassuming office space located on SE First Avenue--and located directly across from the new jail.  Mr. Stern’s business continued to flourish, even as his own health declined. When he passed away in 2008, his daughter-in-law, Randy Stern, a licensed social worker turned bail agent, officially took over the business and its day-to-day operations.  Meanwhile, David’s son, Michael, used his technological skills and computer savvy to bring David Stern Bail Bonds into the web marketing and social networking era.  


Around 2014, the Stern family decided to sell the business, but wanted to ensure that David’s spirit of generosity, nonjudgement, and compassion would live on.  Of the potential buyers interested in owning David Stern Bail Bonds, one individual stood out—and it wasn’t just because of his physically imposing size and build.  Angel “Big Angel” Alonso had founded and owned several highly recognizable bail agencies in Broward County, including Big Angel’s Bail Bonds.  The son of Puerto Rican and Cuban immigrants, Big Angel shared many of the same values and work ethic synonymous with David Stern and his legacy.  Thus, in the summer of 2015, it was agreed that Big Angel would purchase the business and take over its operations.  Rather than becoming just another brand in the Big Angel business portfolio, David Stern Bail Bonds retained its own unique identity and quirkiness, right down to the “Three Stooges” memorabilia collection that David Stern had amassed and displayed throughout his office over the years.  


In response to Broward County’s ever-growing population and evolving legal needs, the county undertook a major courthouse renovation and construction project shortly after ownership of David Stern Bail Bonds changed hands.  Waterfront properties close to the lively Las Olas Boulevard became coveted, high-dollar real estate, and it wasn’t long before the property on SE First Avenue was sold to a real estate developer who informed tenants that the existing building was slated for demolition.  And so it was that David Stern Bail Bonds and the Main Jail were no longer next-door neighbors, though the story of the former was far from over.  As the newest high-rise tower of the Broward County Judicial Complex prepared to open in the spring of 2017, David Stern Bail Bonds also relocated—“Three Stooges” and all—to a much larger office space located at the corner of SW Fourth Avenue and SW Sixth Street where it remains to this day.

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